We were delighted at Huddersfield Rotary Club when our member Precious Amadi informed us that on 20th September his Brother, Rtn Amadi-Worlu, had been installed as President of Port Harcourt Rotary Club in Nigeria. Precious had watched the ceremony via Zoom, and our President Ann has sent best wishes and greetings to the President and members of Port Harcourt. We will be exploring avenues in which we might collaborate with them in the future.

Huddersfield Rotary Club have made a further donation to Welcome Centre of £345.00. The total now donated since the pandemic started is £2140.00. This money has been given each month by members in lieu of the cost of a meal at their normal weekly meetings.

We took delivery of 100 face masks, kindly offered free from District, and have delivered 50 to The Welcome Centre on Lord Street, Huddersfield, and 50 to Methodist Homes for the Aged whose headquarters is in Bradley, Huddersfield. Both were most grateful for the gift.

During July, members have again been donating their Meal Money, and a sum of £255.00 was handed over to The Welcome Centre in Huddersfield. They tell us that demand is greater than ever, and they see no sign of any reduction.

During June, our members continued to donate their meal money.

At the beginning of July, we donated a further £530.00 to The Welcome Centre, Huddersfield.

Donations by members in lieu of Meal Money totaled £240.00 in the month of May, and this amount was sent to the Welcome Centre at the beginning of June. 

Since our last Club meeting in mid-March, our members have been donating the equivalent of their meal money at our weekly meetings to our Club Charity Account. At the end of May, we had collected a total of £450.00 and this amount was sent to The Welcome Centre in Huddersfield.

Once again, the four Rotary clubs of Huddersfield, Huddersfield Pennine, Denby Dale and Holmfirth, came together to run the 2020 Technology Tournament. According to the feedback reports, the young students, teachers, and judges found the day both interesting, somewhat challenging, and at the same time, very gratifying.

In the final analysis there were 23 teams representing 9 different schools and colleges in the Huddersfield area.

The challenge was to build a weight powered vehicle.

The results were as follows.


Foundation.                    Salendine Nook 

Intermediate.                 Honley High

Advanced.                        New College


Gold Award.                     Salendine Nook

Silver.                                North Huddersfield Trust

Bronze.                              King James’


Gold Award.                      Honley High

Silver.                                 King James’

Bronze.                               North Huddersfield Trust


Gold Award.                       New College

Silver.                                   Greenhead College

Bronze.                                 Greenhead College

Thanks to all Rotarians and helpers who contributed to another successful event. Thanks also to the Deputy Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor Nigel Patrick, and our Rotary district 1040 District Governor Manoj Joshi, whose attendance was very much appreciated.

We hope to see you all again next year. 

A group of pupils and staff in front of new windows and doors.

Huddersfield Rotary Club, the Huddersfield Common Good Trust, and a number of other organisations, have come to the aid of Greenfield Family Centre, situated next door to Dalton Junior School in Dalton Green Lane, to help them raise funds to replace all the doors and windows at the Centre.

A target of £18,500.00, the total estimated cost of the project, was set by Greenfield. Huddersfield Rotary Club raised money by holding, courtesy of Morrisons, a couple of collections as well as running a tombola at Ravensknowle Park Motor Bike Rally. In addition, they sponsored a team from Greenfield to enter their annual Dragon Boat Race, which enabled Greenfield to raise an exceptional amount of £2148.00. The Common Good Trust made a donation from their distributable fund, which enabled Greenfield to reach their target, and the doors and windows were fitted before Christmas 2019.

Greenfield pupils and staff are now enjoying the benefit of reduced heating bills and a greatly improved working environment.


Huddersfield Rotary Club celebrated the first of their weekly meetings in 2020 by inducting a new member. Frank Adimola is employed by Huddersfield University as a researcher in marketing, and lives in Barnsley.  President Ann Denham welcomed Frank in to the fellowship of our Club and Rotary worldwide.


President Ann inducting Frank Adimola

We also listened to a representative from the Welcome Centre, who gave us a most enlightening account of the wide ranging activities of the Huddersfield Welcome Centre. We were all most impressed by the size and professional organisation of this local Charity.  Rtn Bright Justice expressed the thanks of  the Club.